Saturday, June 18, 2011

Opioid Analgesics a major group of drugs for the treatment of pain in the postoperative period

Opioid analgesics implement its action through opioid receptors located at spinal and supraspinal levels, and are a major group of drugs for the treatment of pain in the postoperative period.
At the same time after major intracavitary surgery to achieve adequate pain relief in every third patient required administration of opioids in doses exceeding the recommended standard [3].

Increasing the dose of opioid analgesics is accompanied by severe side effects

- drowsiness, respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting, paresis of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary disorders), so it is now recognized that monotherapy with opioid analgesics are not always effective enough, and sometimes even dangerous.
   In addition, the traditional subcutaneous and intramuscular injection is difficult to maintain an optimal concentration of opioids(opioid analgesics) in the plasma, which may be accompanied by a respiratory depression, or inadequate anesthesia.
   Bolus intrathecal opioids or epidural analgesia provides good up to 24 hours, but even small doses of drugs (opioid analgesics) administered (ten times less than with intramuscular injection) may be accompanied by adverse and toxic effects.

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