Saturday, April 2, 2011

Opioid Analgesics : Physical addiction

opioid analgesic addiction

For reduction of risk of development of mental dependence at application opioid analgesics it is recommended:

• to hold preliminary testing of patients before an initiation of treatment;
• to include narcotic analgetics in complex therapy of a painful syndrome, applying them simultaneously
• regularly to supervise efficiency of treatment.

On narcogene potential, i.e. ability to cause a drug dependence opioid analgesics divide on not narcotic and narcotic. To not narcotic опиоидам are carried tramadol a hydrochloride, butorphenol. The listed preparations aren't included in lists of narcotics, and ranked as strong preparations.

Use of all narcotic analgetics is under the strict state control assuming legal responsibility of doctors and pharmacologists.

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