Thursday, June 9, 2011

Opioid analgesics and chronic pain

For the treatment of pain of low intensity according to WHO recommendations
non opioid analgesics use different, and when pain of moderate or high
the intensity of opioid analgesics. Non-opioid analgesia means
have a predominantly peripheral action at the source of pain, have
Small analgesic potential and therefore only suitable for eliminating weak

Opioid analgesics are centrally acting analgesics

- implemented through endogenous opioid system of the body at the level of the spinal cord and brain
by inhibiting upstream of pain impulses. They differ from
another in analgesic potential and ability to arrest or reasonable
pain. Thanks to good analgesic properties of opioid analgesics are widely
applied in various fields of medicine dealing with the intense pain,
especially in oncology and surgery.

Common to all opioid analgesics is a sign of non-selective nature of their actions

- ie, along with the analgesia they cause other side effects while
differ from each other on the severity of the various characteristics that
associated with the individual characteristics of their interaction with opioid
receptors. An important condition for proper operation with an opioid analgesics is knowledge their mechanism of action.