Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Opioid analgesics : usage during pregnancy

Thus, it appeared that opioid analgesics increase the risk of serious birth defects. Thus, the probability of having a child with hypoplastic left heart (the frequency of deaths in this case, almost one hundred percent), this group of drugs increased more than 2-fold, although this congenital abnormality - one of the most rare.

Surely each of you knows what a pain. There is not a single person, who at least once in my life felt the sensation of pain. The pain may be different, but regardless of where it hurts, man dreams as quickly as possible to do everything possible so that it does not feel. It is at such moments, we appeal for help to various analgesic drugs.

And what if the pain occurred in a pregnant woman?
After all, it is no secret that during pregnancy should focus on those drugs which are still a woman could accept without hesitation.

What painkillers can still be taken during pregnancy?
This question is interested in every pregnant woman. The future mom really wants to have a healthy baby. Not to harm your child, read wikipedia.

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