Sunday, May 29, 2011

Opioid analgesics : treatment, method of complete abstinence

Although there are many drug and drug-free ways to eliminate pain, opioid analgesics such as codeine and morphine, are absolutely necessary for the treatment of cancer pain. If the cancer pain of moderate and severe, the therapeutic group of morphine there is no substitute opioids. International Council for Drug Control (INCB), an international body which, among other things, monitors the global availability of narcotic drugs, emphasizes that these drugs should be available for pain relief.

Most of the houses of recovery and rehabilitation centers for people with opioid depedence - is this or that kind of commune, dormitory former drug addicts. Contrary to common practice of short-term inpatient rehabilitation treatment in these institutions lasts up to a year: in this period are removed from a street junkie environment and give it new life into the group. Members of the group, including leaders (who themselves are undergoing treatment), help each other understand how they can live and cope with problems without resorting to drugs.
As with all drug addicts, the big role played by medical advice and are relatively simple methods of psychotherapy. Typically, patients are taught more effective ways to combat stress and help them understand their personal peculiarities, taught a more rational attitude towards our surroundings, in the prevention of relapse to discuss with the patient, which causes addiction to drugs or creates an opportunity to get what the reason for the decreased motivation to treatment. The combination of these methods described above clearly gives the best results.
Finally, we need briefly on prevention. The physician should carefully monitor patients receiving opioids(opioid analgesics), giving medications to the minimum required dose and shortest course, when the appointment is justified by the intensity of pain (not talking about patients in a terminal state). The physician must be vigilant in respect of himself, never assign itself opioids. When injection drug-induced non-medical reasons, must exert all efforts to prevent AIDS, hepatitis, infective endocarditis, and other consequences of using dirty needles, transferring the patient to a permanent taking methadone or resorting to the needle.

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