Saturday, June 4, 2011

Opioid Analgesics : the problem of rational use of opioid analgesics there is worldwide.

The problem of rational use of analgesics, and especially potent opioid analgesics, there is worldwide. The use of morphine - one of the oldest painkillers - and its analogs has always been and continues to cause some doctors caution. "However, these drugs remain today the basic therapeutic agents in the treatment of severe pain in cancer patients, and their application - an integral part of palliative care that will improve the quality of life" - said Professor George A. Novikov, president of the All-Russian Public Movement for Quality Medicine Life, "opening the symposium," Opioids in the treatment of chronic cancer pain: what's new? ", which took place in the XI All-Russian Congress of cancer in November 2007

The symposium was opened by the report of Professor Nadezhda Osipova, Honored Scientist, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care MNIOI them. PA Herzen, devoted to the organizational aspects of the availability of opioid analgesics for patients with chronic pain. Nadezhda offered to split the problem into three components: legislative and regulatory issues, providing patients with modern medical opioid drugs, and improve education of medical applications of opiate and pharmacy staff in the use of narcotic analgesics. The country has registered and is included in the federal lists for privileged categories of citizens of a number of opioid drugs in prolonged non-invasive forms, such as transdermal therapeutic system and long-acting tablet. Unfortunately, in many cases it is rather formal. The sad statistics show that up to now in most regions of Russia antipain help cancer patients is poor: patients get basically inject drugs, often in inadequate analgesia for day number. Although according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the treatment of chronic pain should be preferred noninvasive prolonged form, and the use of short-acting injectable drugs deemed inhumane and totally unacceptable.

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