Saturday, April 2, 2011

Opioid Analgesics : naloxon

Opioid analgesics — the analgesics,

which action it is caused by interaction with opoiod receptors. Typical effects opioid analgesics: analgesia, calm, drowsiness, breath oppression, euphoria or disphoria, a bradycardia, a nausea and vomiting, reduction diurez, cough suppression, mioz, the lock and bilious ways, etc. Depending on character of interaction with opioid receptors are allocated agonists, partial agonists, with agonisty-antagonists; agonist opioid receptors tramadol has additional monoaminegic a component in the mechanism of soothing action. Opioids — one of the basic means of the general anesthesia and postoperative anesthesia. Almost all effects opioid are eliminated by the competitive antagonist opioid receptors naloxon. The metabolism of all opioid analgesics is carried out mainly in a liver.

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